Get Involved

Monroe, Ohio Comprehensive Plan Update

How to Get Involved

Several input and engagement opportunities will be available to residents.  Two public open houses, booths at community events, and survey’s via this website will also be used to collect input and feedback on plan recommendations.  Results from these input sessions will serve as a continuing guide for City staff and the consultant team as they proceed with the development of the plan. Community surveys, information about future meetings, and project documents will continue to be added to this site as the process continues.

Monroe 4th of July Festival

This public engagement opportunity occurred at Community Park on July 4th, 2019 during the City’s annual 4th of July Festival. Residents and event attendees were asked to participate in a series of exercise to identify community assets, issues, and opportunities that the plan should address and big idea for the City. The input gathered will guide the consultant team as they continue to construct a vision to strengthen the City of Monroe.

Public Meeting #1

August 5, 2019

We appreciate the impressive turnout for the first public meeting. The meeting at the Monroe Library and Community Center where the consultant team presented the project’s process, Monroe’s existing conditions, and had the attendees identify community assets, issues, and opportunities to help the team start to develop a vision for Monroe.

Steering Committee #1

June 17, 2019

This was the kickoff meeting with the Monroe Steering Committee to begin the discussion on the Comprehensive Plan. The meeting consisted of establishing the purpose and outcomes for the plan, learning about Monroe’s existing conditions, and discussing what the committee’s vision for Monroe’s future is.

Steering Committee #2

August 15, 2019

This steering committee meeting is will be focused on the vision for Monroe. The committee will be reviewing the existing Comprehensive Plan goals, ranking community issues in order of importance, and participating in a mapping exercise.