Unified Development Ordinance

Evansville-Vanderburgh County

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a UDO?

A UDO is a legal document that combines the traditional zoning ordinance and subdivision regulations, along with other desired regulations such as design guidelines, sign regulations, etc. into one comprehensive document.  The new UDO will govern land use, the subdivision of land, and development patterns in both Evansville and Vanderburgh County. This Ordinance will remove/replace out-of-date regulations, provide new processes, and incorporate flexibility in the Ordinance for more creative and appropriate development. The new UDO will contain tables and graphics, so it is easier to use and understand.  It will also simplify the review processes to be less cumbersome and allow for developers, residents, and business owners to obtain approvals are quicker and less cumbersome by navigating the regulations through a user-friendly format.

Why create a UDO?

  1. Streamline and simplify the Ordinance. A well-organized new Ordinance will increase predictability, flexibility, and clarity for any type of development.
  2. Ensure consistency across the Ordinance. The CommUNITY2020 UDO process is an opportunity to ensure there’s no outdated, unclear, or duplicative language in the Ordinance as well as bring the Ordinance in line with recent changes in federal and state law.
  3. Introduce visuals to provide clarity.Adding tables and graphics will make the UDO a more understandable document for all.
  4. Align the Ordinance with the 2015-2035 Comprehensive Plan. This process will help ensure that growth occurs in a manner that supports and reinforces the qualities important to City and County residents. These qualities include employment and housing opportunities, safety and security, quality schools, neighborhoods with a strong sense of community, and a clean environment.

What communities will this impact?

  • Vanderburgh County
  • Evansville

Who is on the Steering Committee?

  • Dr. H. Dan Adams
  • Jim Brinkmeyer
  • Paul Freeman
  • Stacy Stevens
  • Bill Pedtke
  • Jeff Mueller
  • John Stoll
  • Brent Schmitt
  • Susan Harp
  • John Montrastelle
  • Michael Schopmeyer
  • Jeff Hatfield
  • Joseph Sloan
  • Steve Schaefer
  • Randy Kron
  • Allison Brinkley
  • Lana Abel
  • Jared McIntosh
  • James Sutton
  • Stephanie Terry
  • Ron London
  • Blaine Oliver
  • Dirck Stahl
  • Stephen Ralph
  • Gayl Killough