The City of Spring Valley, IL Comprehensive Plan

Draft Plan Ready for Review

Click HERE to review the Draft Grow Spring Valley Comprehensive Plan.

About the Plan

The City of Spring Valley, in partnership with Rundell Ernstberger Associates, has begun a process to update the City’s Comprehensive Plan.  This planning process will outline a vision and strategic framework for future development, redevelopment, and community building projects within the City.  It will also ensure that Spring Valley maintains a high quality of life for residents and is competitive from an economic development standpoint.  The current comprehensive plan was created in 1970; while the City has completed a downtown plan, parks and recreation plan, and other planning initiatives since that time, the comprehensive plan has not been updated.  Given all the present opportunities and past changes that have occurred in Spring Valley, a new comprehensive plan is needed.

The purpose of the Comprehensive Plan is to guide Spring Valley’s Council, Commissions, and staff regarding the type, location and intensity of development and redevelopment in the City.  It will also describe an aspirational vision and goals; recommendations related to future land use, transportation improvements, quality of life initiatives, downtown revitalization, and economic development efforts; implementation policies; and project priorities.


How to Get Involved

A number of input and engagement opportunities will be available to residents. The first of these events took place as part of the Spring Valley Cinco de Mayo celebration on Saturday, May 4th.  Two public open houses and this website will also be used to collect input and feedback on plan recommendations.  Results from these open houses and the Cinco de Mayo festival will serve as a continuing guide for City staff and the consultant team as they proceed with development of the plan. Community surveys, information about future meetings, and project documents will continue to be added to this site as the process continues.

Community Workshop #1

Thursday, June 20, 2019
4:30 – 6:30 pm
Spring Valley City Hall
215 N. Greenwood Street

Come share your vision and take part in a series of exercises to guide how we can continue to strengthen the Spring Valley community. Participants will help to identify community assets, issues, and opportunities and establish the vision that will guide plan recommendations. The event format is informal; you are invited to come talk and participate in exercises at your leisure.