International Marketplace Village Plan

Indianapolis, IN

The purpose of the Village Land Use Plan is to identify an appropriate area within the International Marketplace District (IMD) as a potential mixed use zoning district as defined by the City’s new consolidated zoning and subdivision ordinance. This Village Plan would build off the existing neighborhood and gateway plan created for this area. This area would be focused area between 20 and 50 acres and promote compact, mixed-use type development including moderate to high density housing, retail, consumer services, jobs and public uses. This focused area should support all modes of transportation with a particular emphasis on pedestrian travel. This area should be located along either 38th Street or Lafayette Road or within 1/4 to 1/2 mile of a bus station.

As part of this process, the REA team will work with the Department of Metropolitan Development (DMD) to develop a model process that can be used to designate other areas in the City as MU-3 or MU-4. These districts are unlike traditional zoning as they are not parcel based zoning. This rezone would be considered a district and the IndyRezone prescribes certain plan components in order to secure and MU-3 or MU-4 district. The Village Land Use Plan would become a new zoning district approved by both the Indianapolis Metropolitan Development Commission (MDC) and the City Council.