Our Story

Established in 1979, Rundell Ernstberger Associates (REA) is a interdisciplinary firm providing urban design, landscape architecture, and planning services. Our work is focused on providing transformational site planning, design and placemaking solutions that are integral to our clients’ economic development and community enhancement strategies. The present staff of 26 includes registered landscape architects and certified planners in our offices in Indianapolis, Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky.

Since our formation, REA has participated as a prime consultant and collaborator to municipalities, governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, private institutions, universities, and corporations, in more than twenty-eight states. Our partners share a common vision of excellence in all forms of development and design on the land and a design philosophy to celebrate the unique and individual identity of a particular place through imaginative design and superior technical follow-through.

REA is widely recognized for the development of innovative, creative, and sustainable site planning and design solutions delivered on time and on budget. We have a long history of collaboration with our clients and allied design professionals and leading multi-disciplinary design teams. Our staff is a uniquely talented group of individuals whose combined design and technical expertise results in the delivery of thorough and complete design packages to clients from concept to completion.

REA is known for our diversity of planning and design projects, including urban design and mixed use, multi-modal transportation, green infrastructure, placemaking and public spaces, campus and academic environments, healthcare facilities, corporate environments, public gardens, recreation, trails and greenways, and specialty landscapes. Our diverse and award-winning portfolio of innovative, creative, and sustainable urban design work; extensive experience working with multi-disciplinary teams on complex public space, active transportation and urban infrastructure projects; and a history of working as a team with public/ private partnerships to plan, design and implement transformative and highly impactful projects.

Recognized by our peers as one of the leading site planning and design firms in the Midwest, REA has received more than 100 local, national and international design awards in the last 40 years. This is a testament to our robust collaboration with clients and commitment to design excellence and technical follow-through on each project.

Main Street Square | Rapid City, SD
Campus Martius Park | Detroit, MI
White River Gardens | Indianapolis, IN
Indianapolis Cultural Trail | Indianapolis, IN