150th Anniversary Commemorative Sculpture

Indiana State Fairgrounds | Indianapolis, IN

A visual icon that captures the essence of the Indiana State Fair, incorporates its traditions, variety and spirit, and serves as a continuing legacy of the fair through the celebration of Indiana.

In preparing to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Indiana State Fair in 2006, the Indiana State Fair Commission decided to create a significant visual icon to capture the essence of the Great Fair of Indiana.  Rundell Ernstberger Associates was asked to develop initial concepts for the icon in late spring of 2005. Site preparation for the $315,000 project began in spring of 2006, followed by final fabrication and project completion in late July, one week before the opening of the 150th Indiana State Fair.

The final piece combines a 70-foot long collage of monumental “Fair Icons” with a dramatic lighting design.  Fabricated from water-jet cut sheets of aluminum, the icons are set off from the backdrop wall, which is “painted” at night with a multicolored wash of light that accentuates the profile of the icons.  Cutting-edge LED lighting technology was employed for this added artistic dimension, allowing for programming of customized light shows. The sculpture serves as a lasting gift to the community and Indiana residents, celebrating the State Fair for many generations to come.

REA was the lead project designer, prepared all design and construction documents, coordinated lighting, structural, and ornamental metal specialists, and oversaw fabrication and site construction for the project.