Catapult Central Clarksville Master Plan

Clarksville, IN

The central Clarksville area, including the Lewis and Clark Parkway and Broadway District, is comprised of 600 acres of primarily commercial land. The district includes two commercial corridors and two regional shopping malls, with much of the area adjacent to Interstate 65. To allow for this kind of development, most of the land is currently zoned B2 – large format commercial businesses – and Veterans Parkway Corridor Zone (VPCZ) – retail commercial focused with form-based development standards. The district also includes several smaller neighborhood commercial developments and both single family and multi-family housing.

The Catapult Central Clarksville (3C) Master Plan will outline a vision for strengthening the function, appearance, and economic potential of the central Clarksville area. It will establish a series of recommendations to transform the auto-oriented commercial district into a vibrant, walkable, mixed-use destination. The plan will create a framework for redevelopment and infill projects that capitalize on existing district assets while increasing residential density, improving walkability, and creating active community amenities. While this is not a transportation plan, opportunities to support the Town’s complete streets policy with additional multi-modal facilities and safety improvements will be explored.

The project is divided into a four-stage process which will include data collection; development plan alternatives; master plan implementation strategies; and final plan drafting. Throughout the process, there will be a number of public engagement opportunities and committee meetings to better gauge the community’s desires, needs, and concerns. These meetings are also an opportunity for the consultant team to review recommendations and revise the plan as it is crafted. The final document will provide a detailed master plan; phasing program; funding sources and strategies; market and financial analyses; and implementation strategies.