Elkhart Central Plaza & Park

Elkhart, IN

Elkhart Central Plaza is being re-imagined into a vibrant civic gathering place for its community. Its new design will offer enhanced amenities and programming – both daily and during events – and make better utilization of the existing space.

The park will include a permanent stage, a public restroom facility, a shaded seating area, and improvements to Waterfall Drive. The improvements to Waterfall Drive make the area more convenient for hosting downtown events while allowing traffic flow to continue when events are not taking place. These enhancements will also reduce the need to close Main Street and provide increased access to businesses along this major corridor.

Since the process began in August, several hundred members of the community have participated in public input sessions, online surveys, and various stakeholder meetings. Phase One will include the most popular features identified through public input, focusing on enhancements to the public green space.

Construction on Phase One of the design is anticipated to break ground by the end of 2019.