Indianapolis, IN

Twelve sculptural gardens celebrating the lives of individuals who made peaceful contributions to humanity, arranged to form a linear park and destination public open space.

The Glick Peace Walk includes twelve distinctive sculptural gardens that celebrate the lives and accomplishments of individual “luminaries”  along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail.

Each garden features a rustic terrazzo plaza incorporating imagery of the individual’s contributions to society; each plaza includes a stainless steel timeline color changing lights, and cast glass markers that celebrate the most significant moments in the luminary’s life.

12 gardens celebrating those who made peaceful contributions

2010 Monumental Award winner

An interpretive sign tells their story with descriptive information and imagery.  Each garden culminates with a 12’ tall stainless steel sculpture with a lighted glass portrait.  Through these design elements, the luminary gardens allow us to gain a deeper understanding of how these inspiring individuals were able to overcome challenges and dedicate their lives to the greater good of society.

Made possible by a generous gift of Gene and Marilyn Glick, the construction of the Glick Peace Walk was completed in 2010 and was awarded the 2010 Monumental Award for the most significant visual and physical enhancement in Indianapolis.