Greenwood Old City Park

Greenwood, IN

Old City Park, one of Greenwood’s most historic public spaces, will soon undergo a dramatic transformation. The core concept for its new identity is to reconnect and restore – improvements will be made through the creation of new landscape spaces, restored ecologies and major pedestrian connections that have a City-wide impact.

A 23-foot cube tower will serve as a visual and recreational centerpiece. It is custom designed by an internationally renowned playground manufacturer and will be the first of its kind in Indiana. The Playscape Plaza will have pipe slides, spinners, a hammock, artificial turf berms, moveable chairs and umbrellas. A custom climbing wall and climbing net offer areas for advanced physical and developmental play. Custom porch swings will sit adjacent to the playscape for visitors to watch children play or take in views of Pleasant Creek beyond.

Old City Park will immerse visitors of all ages to a variety of outdoor experiences. An 18-foot wide Promenade will form a central, connective spine for both pedestrians and bicyclists and link to existing trail networks in the City.

The Promenade’s southern edge will run adjacent to the Pleasant Creek where bands of native sedges and perennials mend the creek’s banks and seek to improve the health of the area’s ecosystem by slowing the water’s natural flow with boulders and indigenous plant communities. The area will be transformed to celebrate the once neglected creek by using topography and restored ecosystems to educate and connect people to the environment. An extensive planting plan includes more than fifty diverse woody species, making the park eligible for Arboretum accreditation – a unique accomplishment for such a small site.

An iconic pedestrian bridge will join the Multi-use Promenade to a Native Prairie Meadow. The lushly planted meadow strengthens the community’s connection to the environment by encouraging visitors to explore the site through raised berms and grasses.

Nearby, an expansive Event Lawn acts as a village green, providing a flexible, central open space for informal gathering, play and cultural events. A new accessible walk will serve as a direct link from the lower Meadow and Event Lawn up to a historic Works-Progress-Administration Shelter and Game Court. Salvaged limestone steps will be reconstructed to traverse the 10-foot grade-change, while also paying tribute to the site’s history. Other features include restored shelter space, new bocce ball courts, and a fitness circuit.

Once realized, Old City Park will once again become a central cornerstone of Old Town, with connectivity to the Greenwood Amphitheater and Craig Park, the former middle school property, Greenwood Public Library, the new Madison Avenue trail and much more. This reimagined park will significantly impact Greenwood citizens for decades to come, and it will serve as an example for future generations as to what’s possible for this city.