Kenton County Zoning Ordinance Review

Kenton County, KY

REA in partnership with Orion Planning & Design, completed Phase 1 of the Z21: Zoning for the 21st Century initiative for Kenton County, Kentucky. The project has involved review and assessment of the zoning ordinances for eleven cities or towns as well as unincorporated Kenton County. Ordinances have been reviewed with respect to community and staff concerns, broader planning and zoning trends, and the recently completed Comp plan. The assessment process included extensive engagement with community representatives, elected officials, planning staff, and the Kenton County Plan Commission. A survey was conducted to better understand how each community utilizes their respective ordinance and any issues they may have with it. Process outcomes focus on creating more user-friendly, graphic, and modern development codes. A detailed report was created for each community, highlighting national trends, ordinance modifications and best practices, and an annotated table of contents of the existing code with respective recommendations for each section.