Hendricks County, Indiana

A master plan that balances preservation of natural features, connecting people to the environment, and providing recreation opportunities into a cohesive design within an outstanding natural landscape

McCloud Nature Park is a 232 acre nature park located on the western edge of Hendricks County, Indiana on
the Big Walnut Creek corridor.

REA was commissioned by Hendricks County Parks and Recreation Department to develop a master plan that would provide the residents of Hendricks County with an exceptional outdoor nature-based recreation resource and a highly interpretive and accessible nature park.

REA led a highly energized, and compact community-based charrette to gather input from stakeholders, user groups, community members and park staff. Through that process we were able to generate ideas and concepts that would meet the needs of the growing population of the county over the next 50 years, while protecting the delicate resources of the park.

Through this process it became clear that the Indiana Department of Natural Resources envisions McCloud Nature Park as a key component in the education of the surrounding communities about the entire Big Walnut Creek corridor.

REA’s experience in working with environmentally sensitive sites enabled us to prepare an ecologically based master plan that helps preserve both McCloud Park’s natural features and systems (including floodplain, wildlife habitat, and prairie areas) as well as enhancing those features through native plant communities, sustainable stormwater management practices, and environmental educational opportunities.

McCloud Nature Park master plan creates a model natural recreation area with a lasting impact on the quality of life in Hendricks County for generations.

The Park Board adopted the master plan in December 2008 and is working with REA toward implementing plan components in phases.