Prairie Creek Park

Frankfort, IN

As part of the Downtown Revitalization Plan completed by Rundell Ernstberger and Associates in 2016, REA was commissioned by the City of Frankfort to develop a master plan and design implementation for Prairie Creek Park.

A two-acre urban greenspace, the park will serve as a catalyst for development in the city’s downtown and complement the newly constructed Nickel Plate Flats, a private market-rate housing development. REA worked with the city to prepare a preliminary design for the site that is dissected by an urban waterway. The proposed plan features an amphitheater and performance stage for weekly community gatherings and events, an event space, innovative play space and splash pad, outdoor beer garden with communal gathering tables, and a new pedestrian bridge that will unify the site and connect visitors to the ecological diversity of the Prairie Creek corridor.

REA worked with the City to revise the original concept to create an inspiring community design that better aligned with their budget. The park is currently under construction with anticipated completion in Fall 2019.