Velocity Indianapolis

Indianapolis, IN

A collaborative effort to envision the future of Downtown Indianapolis involving dozens of advisory group meetings, interviews and roundtable sessions resulting in a five-year strategic action plan.

Over the past four decades, Downtown Indianapolis has fortified its position as Indiana’s center of commerce, government, medicine and education. Downtown has become a national success story with its growth of tourism, sports, arts and entertainment. Now, building upon a legacy of thoughtful leadership, wise planning and public/private investment, Downtown is emerging as a collection of multi-dimensional neighborhoods offering a variety of choices for living, innovating and celebrating.

  1. Vibrant Economic Development
  2. Housing, Neighborhoods, and Livability
  3. Public Spaces and Activation
  4. Multimodal Transportation
  5. Downtown Environment & Experience
  6. Arts, Culture, Sports & Attractions

So enters Velocity — a strategic yet tactical plan that recognizes a changing environment, mobilizes resources, and sets a path of action/energy among a diverse array of community stakeholders who collectively share a passion for Downtown. Velocity aims to refresh the vision for downtown and then accelerate implementation — movement with direction — guided by a shared roadmap.