Kevin Sweetland

As a landscape and urban designer, Kevin manages and contributes to numerous projects that range from downtown master plans to meticulously detailed site designs. Kevin specializes in neighborhood planning, bicycle/pedestrian infrastructure, and the design of urban plazas and spaces. In addition to his talents as a designer of the built environment, Kevin is also a highly skilled digital illustrator. His ability to beautifully and effectively communicate design concepts to a wide audience makes him an important member of almost every project.

Recently, Kevin worked on a number of high profile projects including the Citizens Energy/Twin Aire Redevelopment Plan. He was tasked with using his passion for urban design to assist in the creation of a plan to elevate a historically underserved neighborhood. Drawing from a robust public engagement process and his personal expertise, Kevin created visuals to give the neighborhood’s vision life and a physical form.

Kevin is a graduate of Ball State University where he earned a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture and Master of Urban Design degree.