Pat Stout

Pat is an integral Landscape Architect and Urban Designer to many of REA’s project. He contributes and oversees all phases of design including public meetings, conceptual design, presentation graphics, photorealistic renderings, 3-D modeling, construction detailing, and construction administration. With his experience in all phases of design, Pat has honed his ability to develop imaginative, creative solutions through thoughtful planning and design.

Prior to joining REA, Pat worked at a firm in Nashville, TN gaining experience in a unique region of the country. He provided production support for various public and private projects including an urban riverfront park, plazas, greenroofs, amenity decks, institutions, and multiple planting schemes. This experience in a broad scope of projects included  the Nashville Riverfront Master Plan and phase 1 park developme. This significant city project examined the impacts of the Cumberland River floodplain and implementation of a new park that acts as a communal, purposeful space for downtown visitors and residents while controlling flood waters that plagued the city in 2010.

Pat has designed and developed documents for a contemporary playscape for Tarkington Park in Indianapolis that included dozens of public meetings and community input that was integrated very thoughtfully into the park’s design. Pat served as project manager of a phase 1 project for the University of Indianapolis and University Heights Neighborhood that included a trail marker and trail design of the Health Loop that will connect the neighborhood with the university, an elementary school, and public park.

Currently Pat is working on several implementation projects from REA’s downtown development plan for the City of Greenwood that examines the creation and connection of public open space within an organized arrangement of development parcels. Old City Park, one of Greenwood’s most historic public spaces, will soon undergo a dramatic transformation.  Pat has led the project from design inception and the project will break ground in April 2019.