Samantha Bronowski

Sami is a Landscape Architect and Urban Designer at Rundell Ernstberger Associates. Her broad skills set encompasses public outreach, master planning, conceptual design and development, presentation graphics and renderings, 3-D modeling, construction detailing, and report writing.

Prior to joining REA, Sami worked as a Graduate Assistant while working toward her Masters degree in Urban Design. Her main role was a liaison between the community and university through outreach opportunities and design workshops, especially in relation to the development of a bus-rapid transit system in Indianapolis. She sought to apply sustainable practices to projects of varying scale and scope, including the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, emphasizing mixed-use and transit-oriented development, and integrating parks and open space. She has studied the redevelopment of the 38th Street corridor at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, the location of a future bus-rapid transit line. Her design focused on alternative modes of transportation, place-making, and open space and urban agriculture.

Since joining REA, Sami has worked on a wide range and scale of projects, from downtown revitalization and visioning projects to development of a bike trail system to detailing and modeling bench alternatives.

Currently, Sami is helping oversee construction on Switchyard Park in Bloomington, Indiana that lies along the B-Line trail and repurposes an old railroad switchyard. She is also involved in several campus-related projects for universities throughout Indiana, including large scale master plans, site-specific designs, and the development of the construction details that bring these projects to fruition.

With her background in urban planning and design, Sami has developed a specialty in downtown revitalization projects. By attending community meetings and listening to the people of that community, she is able to use her expertise to fit the vision of that community, creating a big vision that could become a realized and successful project. These projects manifest themselves in comprehensive written reports that become guidelines for the community moving forward. In writing the Downtown Revitalization Plan for the City of Frankfort, Indiana, the City has begun moving forward with raising funds to implement some of the projects proposed in the report.