Tricia McClellan

Ms. McClellan has over 15 years’ experience in site architecture, planning, urban design and site construction plan development for a variety of public and private clients.  Her portfolio of work includes greenway plans, roadway enhancement plans, park and open space plans, master planning, corporate site design, low impact site development, public design manuals, and urban plaza design.

Ms. McClellan recently completed the Southwest Greenway Master Plan for Louisville Metro Parks Department.  The master plan identified opportunities for a network of paths and greenway corridors that connected neighborhoods to natural areas, historic sites and community facilities.  REA developed a plan to evaluate ecological and cultural qualities of public lands in the study area.  Although always a consideration in master plan development, this particular project included an emphasis on the ecological and cultural resources in an area of the county that  retains a large portion of these resources.  The master plan included recommendations for recreation and alternative transportation infrastructure, ecological restoration, cultural interpretation and long-term management of the trail system.  The greenways system created will build on the legacy of Louisville’s Olmsted parks and parkways, combining recreation and transportation opportunities with ecological benefits and cultural opportunities.

Ms. McClellan’s  recent experience includes a variety of projects from streetscapes to master plans.  She was project manager for a Streetscape Enhancement Plan for a portion of 10th Street/State Road 62 in Jeffersonville, Indiana.  Working with an environmental graphic company, Ms. McClellan completed a Wayfinding and Gateways Master Plan for Jeffersonville.  In 2010 Ms. McClellan served as project manager for a 5-Year DNR Master Plan for the City of Oakland City in Indiana.  This park master plan provided the city with a clear direction for implementing improvements to the existing park system including: new facilities, renovation of existing facilities, wayfinding and pedestrian/bicycle connections between the city and the parks.  Funding and grant opportunities were also provided to assist the city’s efforts to fund improvements with a limited budget.

Other work recently completed by Ms. McClellan includes the construction of two community parks, Scribner Gardens in New Albany, Indiana and Willard Library Park in Evansville, Indiana.  Her work included carrying the projects from preliminary design through construction administration. Both of these projects converted under-utilized open spaces within the city into inviting and creative public parks for the communities they serve.

As project manager, Ms. McClellan oversees projects through design development, planning and zoning, and construction plan development to construction administration.  Ms. McClellan brings a wide breadth of experience to each new project, along with a unique ability to understand and honor the client’s needs.