New Warmth: 24″ x 48″, oil on canvas

Studio 618, our new Indianapolis office, has displayed artwork from various artists on a rotating basis, since the grand opening in 2012.

Our current featured artist is Jennifer Hoard.   Born and raised in Indianapolis, Jennifer received a BFA in painting and drawing from Indiana University in 2010.  Exhausted by the continual lessons, critiques and opinions she listened to while obtaining her degree, she considered making a drastic career change, and temporarily gave up painting to pursue something “more sensible” – becoming a certified EMT.  Realizing she was at a crucial crossroad upon completing her EMT certification, she wondered if she really was willing to turn her back on something she had previously been content to devote her life to.  Even while she focused on her EMT certification, the desire to create art never left her.  She asked herself, “Was I really going to give that up for a life of sirens, stress, blood, vomit and dead people?!” Fortunately, her answer was “No,” and her artwork is now available to be enjoyed and admired by others.

Since early childhood, Jennifer received encouragement from her parents in all of her artistic endeavors.   “They always made me feel like art was what I was supposed to be doing,” she commented in a recent interview.  “If I hadn’t grown up in such an environment, I definitely wouldn’t be making a career out of art today.”  She attributes the ongoing support of her parents as the key to her success:  “Their support is everything.”

Jennifer’s artistic style is inspired by her attraction to light and detail.  Major influences in Jennifer’s artwork are the highly-detailed works of famed photorealist painter Chuck Close, and prominent realist painter Edward Hopper.  “Part of me wants to attend to every single detail, like Close; and another part wants to let the paint kind of have its own language, like Hopper.”

Her earlier galleries consist mainly of collages, which she most enjoys—even though she sometimes spends hours tediously cutting pictures out of magazines and finds she “can’t figure out how to make them work together.”  When that happens, she will just “throw them in a pile and save them for another day.”  Many of her collages mix vintage photos with contemporary images, creating a strong juxtaposition.  She wanted to “convey the idea that time keeps marching on, and that new technologies can make old ones seem odd (and vice versa).”

Hollywo: 30″x40″, oil on canvas

Her more recent paintings, a stark contrast to the collages, were made for the purpose of creating “a viewing space that is calming and peaceful.”  Many long hours are invested in creating these photorealistic paintings, in which the artist’s intentions are beautifully demonstrated.

In the future, Jennifer plans to include more human and animal figures, and to “work bigger.”  Her hope is to continue being inspired by the world around her, and that her work will change and grow with her.

Jennifer recently relocated to Denver, Colorado, where she is pursuing her career as a painter from the studio she created in her apartment’s second bedroom.  Her galleries and contact information can be viewed online at